It was under the table of my mother’s craft bench that I learned my trade. I watched and I absorbed – taking in the creative processes, the smells and the feel. I gathered up the scraps, inhaling the scent, stroking the fur, stretching the leather, comparing the colours. Little by little my own small creations began to emerge. I was a fur-maker.

Aria Moda was created in 2013 as a way to honour the traditions of handmade furs. My husband and I work hard to honor the time honoured traditions that were used by my mother and to honour the materials we are working with. Each piece is precious to us and deserves the best treatment.

It is the experiences of our youth that often shape the direction of our future and for Aria Moda, this idea is represented by high quality, beautiful furs that all women covet.



We take our time to select only the very best quality furs and we carefully hand select only those furs that meet our exacting standards. We know that having the right raw materials will ensure that we achieve a final product that meets the needs of our customers. With these selected furs we take our time. Our coats are made with great attention to detail – each one lovingly crafted to ensure the highest quality. We would rather make fewer coats than offer our customers pieces that are not up to our standards.

Our designs are based on emerging trends, but equally, we take the time to appreciate the needs of the material – to work with it with soul and purpose. We are creating beauty – not fashion. Our pieces are timeless and designed to last. We want you to own our furs for a lifetime and to pass them on to your children. Aria Moda furs are an heirloom.

We believe that “great furs make great coats” and it is with this as our starting point, that we are able to continue the journey that has led to our luxurious line.